My name is Samantha, and I am a portrait + lifestyle photographer based in the Peoria, IL area. I've been pursuing photography ever since I was a young girl with a digital camera taking pictures of flowers in my backyard. As I grew older, my interest in photography continued to grow, and my subject changed from nature to people. What I love most about portraiture is capturing emotion. The way a man looks into the eyes of a woman he loves. The way a mom holds her sweet newborn. The excitement of a new graduate who can't wait to tackle life. 

I am here to capture your story, your life, the way it is. 

My photographic approach is casual and lifestyle focused. On my blog you'll find a mixture of posts ranging from my latest sessions to things that are currently on my heart. I hope you'll be encouraged and inspired as you read.

A few things about me....

I love the outdoors and am always up for a hike, exploring a new park, or simply sitting outside soaking up the sun.

I could spend hours in a coffee shop editing photos or simply people watching.

I'm a mix of extrovert/introvert. I love heart-to-heart talks with friends and hearing the stories of strangers, but I also love curling up alone with a good book or getting lost in my Spotify playlists

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I am who I am because of Him. Because He lives I can face tomorrow. 

// Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or to just to say hi! I always love meeting other creatives and collaborating on projects. 

Find me on Instagram at @samanthasuzannephotography

A frequently asked question...

"Why? Why do I need to pay someone to take photos of me? Why can't I just take a selfie or two and be done with it all?"

One of the main questions photographers get from potential clients is "why?". They want to know if it's worth the time to get ready, the investment, and then the hassle of driving to a location, carving out an hour or two of their day, etc.

Here's my answer to why:

We all have certain things we hold dear, and we are all willing to put money into things we value. Photography is so much more than having a photo of yourself. It's capturing a memory - a time in your life - that you will never be able to relive. I have heard so many stories of people who booked a session, then later came to greatly treasure those simple photographs because it ended up being the last photo taken with a loved one.

I believe in the importance of memories. Memories of people and places will live within you for your entire life, and I hope you will put a value on capturing those memories in a tangible form.

If you have more questions about what a session with me would look like, or are interested in booking a session, please get in touch. I look forward to talking with you!

"we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."