How I Stay Organized using Dubsado

I absoutely love being organized. As a small business owner, being organized is a vital key to my success! I’m always on the hunt for new tools to help me in my organization journey. One tool in particular has stood out as a winner this year. Dubsado is a business management software that offers incredible organization optons for your business. You can do so much, including sending & receiving invoices, sending & signing contracts, scheduling appointments, and so much more.

How do I personally use Dubsado? Glad you asked! Here’s my usual workflow:

Email. I have integrated customized contact forms into my website using Dubsado. Every time someone fills out my bridal, portrait or editing questionnaire on my website Dubsado sends me a copy of that email to my Gmail account.

Reply. Immediately after receiving the email from Dubsado I will either respond to my potential client with a quick “acknowledgement” email until I can reply in detail OR I go into Dubsado, put them in as a new client, and send them a questionnaire. I have questionnaires specifically for brides, portraits & editing.

Invoice. After my client has filled out my questionnaire and we have decided to move forward working together I will send them a contract and an invoice.

Dashboard. My Dubsado dashboard helps me keep track of my income, if I have open invoices that still need paid, and my calendar where I can see my upcoming projects. I check this a few times a week just to make sure clients have paid contracts & that I’m on top of all of my projects.

At this point in my business everything is very manageable for me and I personally reply to everything, however, Dubsado has a lot of automation options, options for creating (custom) canned emails, and so much more! I can’t wait to explore Dubsado more and continue using it in my business. There are a lot of really helped FAQ articles & videos on Dubsado’s website that will pretty much answer any question you have. If you think this software is for you, you can sign up through my affiliate link to receive 20% off your first month! ALSO. I absolutely LOVE that Dubsado gives me my first THREE projects for FREE. Instead of signing up for a 7-day trial I can use my three free projects in a day or a whole month (or more).

What do you think? Do you think Dubsado might be for you? Let me know if you have questions!