five reasons YOU need to collaborate


col·lab·o·ra·tion - the action of working with someone to product or create something.

Every, and I mean every creative needs to collaborate! This is one of the best ways to get to know other artists and grow in whatever creative field you are in. Here are five reasons you need to collaborate this year:

1. You'll make new friends & create connections

One of the best (and also scariest!) ways to get to know other creatives is to meet and collaborate with them. Most of my connections have come by emailing a photographer or artist who I admired and wanted to get to know, and asked if they wanted to meet up over coffee. Only a couple people didn't respond, and those who did respond I've since got to work with, either second shooting a wedding, doing a shoot, or just random coffee shop visits to talk about life and our businesses. This first step can be scary (hello fear of rejection!), but if you don't take that first step you'll never know what a great relationship you could have built with another artist.

2. You'll learn how to work as a team

Collaborations are not one-person jobs! They include a vision, multiple people shooting at once, and creative ideas flowing constantly. As photographers we can get used to working alone, and occasionally it's great to get out and learn to work with others. Photographers, artists and creatives need each other! No matter how good you think you are, you can always learn more, or encourage someone, or share your gift. Collaborating on a project is the perfect way to practice your teamwork skills and have fun. 


3. You'll grow & be inspired as a creative

As a photographer, I am constantly learning and growing. Meeting and collaborating with other photographers never fails to show me areas I need to work on, and ways I can be more creative. The beautiful thing about art is that every person is creating something unique because their story is unique. Everyone's eyes see things differently, and our brains process things differently. It's so much fun getting to work with other people and seeing how their minds work. Every time I shoot with someone else I come away more inspired in my craft and challenged to work harder. 

4. Your business will grow

If I had not reached out to other photographers I wouldn't have gotten some of the opportunities that I have been given this year. By taking that first step I've been able to meet two ladies who have later asked me to second shoot and met some of the people I now hang out with and call my friends! Don't let fear of rejection hold you back from reaching out. If your business is struggling take a good, hard look at what you're currently doing and ask if you could be better about making connections. This isn't the easiest for me, but every connection I've made has been rewarding, which just gets me more excited to meet new people! While this isn't a sure-fire way to get more business, it is one huge way you can get things going. Getting your name out and starting a business is just HARD, but it is made easier when you know you have other creative friends to back you up, give you advice, and offer a listening ear.

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