looking ahead // 2018


....page 1 of 365....

I'm sitting with a hot cup of tea in hand, anticipation welling up inside of me. 

Goodbye, 2017. Hello 2018.

2017 was full of so much growth. I grew creatively, I did things that scared me, and I learned to give myself grace. I met new people and strengthened old friendships. I revived my blog, got a new logo I absolutely love, and added an 85mm lens to my camera bag. I second-shot several weddings, started working for a local coffee shop doing photography for their social media page, and had some awesome adventures with new creative friends. I had the opportunity to travel to New Mexico for eight days and absolutely fell in love with the mountains and breath-taking views. Yes, I totally plan on going back.

I felt my confidence grow, and I became less afraid of the unknown. Growing up, I struggled with feeling shy and timid, afraid to speak up, partially because of my more reserved personality and partially because of some bad relationships with people who were over bearing and questioned me about everything I did, to the point where I was afraid to speak my mind. Through a new church, loving friends, and digging deeper into God's word I have found freedom. I still struggle at times, but I am so thankful for the newfound confidence and strength I've found and I'm excited to continue growing in this new year. 

So. What does 2018 look like for me? Here's some of my creative/photography goals  for the new year:

// Go on a photography trip(s) to Chicago (okay, who am I kidding, I'm also totally going for the coffee and food). 

// Go out west again! Colorado and California are both on my list of possibilities. My dream is to not only go to experience somewhere new, but actually book shoots while I'm there.

// Continue growing in my understanding of the technical aspect/business aspect of photography & running a business

// Do a creative/styled shoot quarterly

// Become better at networking/meeting other creatives in my area or in places I travel to

// Start offering mentorships/photography classes for beginners

That's a lot, but I am so excited to see what I can accomplish this coming year. 

Out with the old, in with the new. Hello 2018.