find your why

Last week I sat with a group of women and listened as they shared their “why”. Why they chose to start their own business, quit their full time job, pursue their dream. I don’t think I had a why when I started photography three years ago, other than that I just wanted to take pretty pictures. As times has gone by, though, my “why” has developed and grown. I think that’s pretty typical. As we grow, learn, and mature, our reasons for doing things change. Maybe something started out as a hobby, and then other people loved it and started buying your product or service, and then you realized YOU really loved doing this one thing and you decided to take the leap and make it into a legit business. Whatever it is, I’m sure you have a why behind it. That why is what keeps you going through the discouragement, slow seasons, and long hours.

What is your why?

I’m sharing mine below with the hope that they inspire you to sit down and think about why you’ve started your business. Maybe that business is still in the dream stage; that’s ok! Take time to think over reasons why you may want to pursue this idea or hobby. Put it on paper. Think through it. Pray through it. Then see where your why takes you.

Ok, enough uses of the word “why”, let’s dive in. I started my business because I wanted…

Freedom. Freedom to set my own hours. Freedom to dream. Freedom to try. Having my own business means I can choose to work like crazy one day so I can take another day off to spend with family & friends. Having my own business means I have the freedom to actually try some of my ideas. Sometimes they’ve worked, sometimes not, but at least I knew that I tried. I love having that freedom!

Growth. Think about it. When you’re at a job you may be given opportunities to “work you way up” or you might not. Things might look promising one day and then the next you’re being told “sorry, we don’t need you anymore.” When you’re your own boss the sky is the limit. You call the shots, you decide how much growth is possible for you & your stage of life, etc. You have so much room to grow & dream big without fear of being fired or let go.

Flexibility. I don’t know what the next 5-10 years will look like. Maybe I’ll be married. Maybe I’ll have kids. Maybe I’ll still be single. There are a lot of unknowns. The path I have chosen is so flexible, which I love. If I’m single I can work crazy hours, travel, work remotely, etc. If I’m married I can work around my husband’s & kid’s schedule, working as much or as little as I choose & around that works well for them. I knew that whatever career I had I wanted it to be able to grow with me. Being a photographer & editor is literally the perfect fit for me.

Those are a few of my whys. Do you identify with any of them? I would love to hear the story behind why you started your business!