Looking Ahead // 2019


Happy New Year, everyone! I absolutely love the energy and excitement I feel on January 1. A whole year stands before me untouched, ready to be tackled.

I love making lists for the New Year. I don’t always get everything done, but that’s ok! Having goals just helps me to stay a bit more focused and keep me headed in a straight line, instead of bouncing from thing to thing, which is very easy for me to do. It helps me keep the big picture in mind and helps me focus on what I hope to accomplish. Below are a few goals for my business. Having these goals definitely helps me move forward and not grow stagnant in my business. Sometimes it’s easy for me to lose steam or not push myself to accomplish big or hard things. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay focused this year and accomplish most, if not all, of these goals!

Business Goals:

  • Book 7 weddings & second shoot as much as possible for other photogs

  • Grow my editing business

  • Purchase another camera + lens (definitely eyeing the Canon 35mm!)

  • Travel to at least two new states & book a shoot(s) during my visit

I definitely hope to travel to several new places this year! Last year I went to Nebraska & Michigan, but I didn’t book or plan any shoots. This year I hope to book at least one shoot and/or organize a styled shoot while I’m traveling! Right now I’m eyeing a few places out west. Two years ago I went to New Mexico and the mountains definitely captured my heart. I hope to go back this year.

  • Use social media for good

    I definitely feel like this is a goal I set every year, and guys, it’s definitely a hard one to keep! There’s definitely pressure sometimes to post x amount of times a week, in an effort to stay relevant and in front of potential clients. However, I don’t want to just take up space on social media. I want to share things on social media that are redeeming, authentic, and encouraging. It’s definitely an ongoing goal, but I hope to stay a little more focused on it this year.

  • Continue meeting creatives. I met several super sweet photogs/creatives this year and I hope to continue building my relationships with them as well as meet some new faces.

  • Push myself creatively

  • Blog more consistently

  • Stay organized

    Tip for staying organized!! I just started using Dubsado and I can already tell it’s going to radically change how I run my business this year. Dubsado helps keep track of income & expenses and I can also create forms, invoices, contracts, etc. So, so helpful. If you don’t already use Dubsado feel free to email me for a special discount code.

How about you? What does this year look like for you? I would love to hear about some of your goals!

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